The Netherlands Urged to Address China-Tibet issues
  • Fri, 11/18/2011 - 11:00

NTD News
Created: Nov 18 2011

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Tibetans and their supporters are urging the Dutch government to take part in international efforts to free Tibet. They commemorated the Tibetan monks who recently set themselves on fire and held a hunger strike in front of the Parliament in The Hague on Wednesday.

Groups supporting Tibet passed a petition to the House of Representatives on Tuesday, calling on them to make a public statement that would show concern about the situation in Tibet.

[Tsering Jampa,Director, International Campaign for Tibet Europe]:

“We would like Dutch Minister make a public statement, like we have the situation in Tibet now, in Kirti, Germany, US and twelve other counties have done so. So we are asking them to follow suit and make a public statement that the Dutch government is concerned about what’s happening.”

About 120 Tibetans participated in the hunger strike. They prayed for the 11 monks and nuns who set themselves on fire—six of whom had died.

According to the Buddhists teachings suicide is a sin. Many people say the accidents show how desperate the monks and nuns are.

Also on Wednesday the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal had a discussion with House of Representatives about China. Rosenthal says he wants to have a dialogue with Chinese leaders to achieve concrete results to improve human rights.

Carry Mensen from The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) urged the Dutch government to continue the discussion.

[Carry Mensen, Project Coordinator, UNPO]:

“As the Dutch government reflects on its relationship with China, we urge them not to end the discussions today. We urge them to reflect on the brutal tactics employed by the state against its own citizens and consider what message it wishes to send to the world about such abuses. We urge them not to ignore the desperate plea of those trapped under the repressive Chinese rule. We urge them to speak out for democracy, human rights and freedom.”

A member of the Chinese Democratic Party that is based in the United States supports the Tibetans.

[Chen Zhonghe, Chinese Democratic Party]:

“I am here to support the Tibetans. I stand for their freedom, definitely.”

Uyghur, Mongolians and human rights activists also expressed their support for Tibet and called the international community to working together to end oppression in China.

NTD News, The Hague