Political scientist: Many gaps to remain in accident on Kazakh border post
  • Mon, 12/03/2012 - 20:43

Kazakhstan, Astana
Nov. 22 / Trend D. Mukhtarov /

Many gaps will remain in the story at Arkankergen border post in Kazakhstan, Kazakh political scientist Eduard Poletayev told Trend on Thursday.

According to Poletayev incident at Arkankergen is unusual for Kazakhstan, and it is logical that it has attracted the attention of the society, foreign observers and mass media from the very start.

"But, as you can see, opinions regarding Chelakh's guilt are not unanimous. And regardless of the court and investigation's decision, there will be those who will believe in his guilt, and those who will not," Poletayev said.

In late May, the bodies of 14 border guards and a huntsman were found at Arkankergen border post in Almaty region. The only surviving soldier Vladislav Chelakh admitted the murder of his fellow soldiers. He was arrested, but in late July, he denied his earlier confession, saying that the post was attacked.

According to the expert, it has to be accepted that no matter how open the court and law enforcement agencies are, no one will be satisfied with the results of the trial.

"We could have avoided all challenges and hold a closed trial - as this is a military crime, and the mass media can not always participate in such cases, but the authorities understand that they may be accused of secrecy, this is why the trial will be open" Poletayev said.

According to him, versions put forward in Kazakhstan on the attack on the post from the Chinese side or by Uighur separatists, are unlikely.

"The version on the Chinese attack does not deserve serious arguments. Protection of the border from China is stronger than from our side. So this version which could provoke inter-state conflict, makes no sense, "Poletayev said.

The version about the domestic terrorist attack also does not hold water.

"If someone committed a terrorist attack to intimidate society, it would be announced. Otherwise, what's the point of shooting so many people ? " Poletayev said.

A video, shot by a hidden camera, where Chelakh confessed killing fellow soldiers was shown at the court yesterday. Relatives of the accused said the video is fake and requires a foreign expertise. But Poletayev considers that creation of such a video is possible.

"Hidden camera video is not surprising. Quality is bad, it wasn't shot by space technology, as it is difficult to hide" the political scientist said.

Poletayev considers suicide attempt of Vladislav Chelakh as quite explicable.

"We must understand that the judged man is relatively young. His actions in court can be explained. Chain of events that had happened to him affected the mind of the 19-year boy" Poletayev said.

Earlier Chelakh tried to cut veins by fragment of plastic chair in the courtroom.

In summary, Poletayev concluded that Chelakh's case exposed ulcers in the Army of Kazakhstan.

"There are talks about the reform of the Border Service, the changes in the state border protection because of this incident. It is a positive factor," Poletayev said.

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