Wanted: Chinese cadres to hold Beijing’s line in Xinjiang as Han Chinese head for the exits amid international furore over Uygur internment camps
  • Thu, 12/05/2019 - 21:55

Mimi Lau
Published: 9:45pm, 4 Dec, 2019

China’s Xinjiang autonomous region  has attracted international attention for all the wrong reasons – police crackdowns and reports that local ethnic Uygur people are being held in internment camps.  What hasn’t gained much attention is the difficulty Beijing has drafting in staff to execute its policies in the far northwest area.

The measures targeting Muslim ethnic minorities in Xinjiang have triggered “widespread discontent among Han Chinese officials and citizens”, a source close to the central government told the South China Morning Post. The source said Chinese President Xi Jinping was aware of the problem because he had been briefed by the country’s chief Xinjiang policy coordinator, Wang Yang.

And as the United Nations wants to send in officials to inspect the internment camps, which some estimates say have held as many as 1 million Uygurs, members of the Han Chinese ethnicity – which dominates both China as a whole and the Chinese Communist Party – are leaving the region in increasing numbers.

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