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Why does Central Asia Still Matter? Because It Matters to China

  • Fri, 06/21/2013 - 00:00

This is a guest post by Kendrick Kuo, a grad student at Johns Hopkins and China specialist with a wealth of field experience in China and the Middle East.


  • Thu, 06/13/2013 - 18:02

It happened in Zambia like it could happen elsewhere in Africa. Chinese investors made deals with the government to mine its natural resources, filling federal coffers with billions of dollars.

The end of Guantanamo does not necessarily mean the beginning of freedom (Keystone)

The long road from Guantanamo to Switzerland

  • Wed, 06/12/2013 - 17:51

Illegally imprisoned for eight years, three former inmates of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp have found refuge in Switzerland. Three others fell foul of administrative hurdles in Bern. swissinfo.ch looks at where they are now.

Rising Red tide: China encircles U.S. by sailing warships in American waters, arming neighbors

  • Mon, 06/10/2013 - 00:00

China has been quietly taking steps to encircle the United States by arming western hemisphere states, seeking closer military, economic, and diplomatic ties to U.S. neighbors, and sailing warships into U.S. maritime zones.

Beyond the Great Firewall: How and What China Censors

  • Mon, 06/10/2013 - 00:00

China’s lack of transparency has long posed a daunting challenge to outside observers trying to understand what the government’s interests, goals, and intentions are.

The Head of China's Petitioning Office

  • Thu, 06/06/2013 - 20:44

Why Barack Obama can't afford to take human rights off the agenda when he meets with Xi Jinping.

Obama’s Meeting with China’s Communist Party General Secretary

  • Tue, 06/04/2013 - 00:00

President Obama and the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping, will meet June 7–8 in California.

Sunnylands Summit: US-China Relations in Obama’s Second Term

  • Tue, 06/04/2013 - 00:00

President Barack Obama will host President Xi Jinping at Sunnylands, the California estate of the late Walter and Leonore Annenberg, for two days of informal talks on June 7-8.

 A Uighur woman sewing in her home in the old town of Kashgar, in southwestern Xinjiang. Photo: European Pressphoto Agency

China’s Ethnic Song and Dance

  • Fri, 05/31/2013 - 00:00

In China’s worst single outburst of ethnic violence in four years, 21 people died last month in the far western region of Xinjiang. But never mind that.

Circling the wagons

  • Thu, 05/23/2013 - 23:28

In a region plagued by ethnic strife, the growth of immigrant-dominated settlements is adding to the tension