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Chinese President Xi Jinping leaves at the end of the BRICS summit in Goa, India, on Oct. 16. (Manish Swarup/Associated Press)

Say no to China’s membership on the U.N. Human Rights Council

  • Tue, 10/25/2016 - 19:42

On March 14, 2014, Cao Shunli, a Chinese human rights activist, died in a Chinese military hospital after five and a half months in detention, with her body showing clear signs of brutal physical mistreatment. 

The Limits of Chinese Isolationism

  • Tue, 10/18/2016 - 13:53

On August 20, Chinese state media published a travel dispatchfrom Sulayman Mountain, a pilgrimage site popular with tourists in Kyrgyzstan’s Osh region.

Is the Belt and Road Initiative Globalizing China’s National Security Policy?

  • Mon, 10/17/2016 - 19:42

Chinese security policy experts use potential threats to BRI projects to highlight the necessity of a globalized security posture.

Wuer Kaixi

The Case for a Silenced Voice of Moderation

  • Mon, 10/10/2016 - 19:16

As the European Parliament weighs this year’s nominations for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, Uighur scholar Ilham Tohti, I believe, deserves special consideration.

China Eyes Ending Western Grip on Top U.N. Jobs With Greater Control Over Blue Helmets

  • Mon, 10/03/2016 - 17:10

As China steps up its commitment to U.N. peacekeeping, Beijing is said to be eyeing a leadership role — with potentially troubling human rights implications.

Is China a Ticking Time Bomb of Ethnic Contradictions?

  • Mon, 09/26/2016 - 22:05

China’s ethnic periphery can be a volatile place. Over the past decade, violence has repeatedly marred the remote yet strategic regions of Tibet and Xinjiang, which comprise nearly a third of Chinese territory and are its chief sources of oil and water.

Ilham Tohti speaks to students at Beijing’s Minzu University of China in 2009. © 2009 Associated Press

China Wants You to Forget Ilham Tohti

  • Wed, 09/21/2016 - 18:07

Uyghur Critic, 2 Years Into Life Sentence, Should Be Freed

Uyghur Muslims at a praying

Anti-Muslim Sentiment Is Taking Over China's Social Media Scene

  • Tue, 09/13/2016 - 21:36

Why are Chinese netizens rallying against Muslims?

Tenzin Delek Rinpoche

China’s Latest Crackdown Is Not Its Worst

  • Wed, 09/07/2016 - 18:54

The crackdown on rights defenders pales in comparisons to long term oppression of religious and ethnic minorities.

What Is “Pubic Interest”? 什么是公众利益?

  • Tue, 09/06/2016 - 18:42

In October 2015 when Theresa May was still the Home Secretary, the Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the UK.