Chinese President Xi Jinping is pictured in Moscow in 2013 (Photo by Kaliva /

President Xi urges China’s religions to shun foreign influences

  • Thu, 05/21/2015 - 19:28

President Xi Jinping yesterday urged China’s religions to shun foreign influence amid concerns over Islamic extremism and the role of The Vatican among the country’s growing Church community.

Pu Zhiqiang Indicted for “Inciting Ethnic Hatred”

  • Mon, 05/18/2015 - 22:10

After a year in detention, rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang has been formally indicted on charges of “inciting ethnic hatred” and “causing a disturbance and provoking trouble.”

A paramilitary policeman guards a tower on the barb-wired wall of the Number One Detention Centre in Beijing. Photograph: Alexander F. Yuan/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Torture still routine in Chinese jails, Human Rights Watch report finds

  • Wed, 05/13/2015 - 19:36

Human Rights Watch report says detainees electrocuted, shackled to chairs, starved and deprived of sleep to elicit confessions

China: Torture by Police Dodges Reforms

  • Wed, 05/13/2015 - 19:25

Officers Adapt to Evade New Measures

China detains 11 for smashing halal food shop

  • Mon, 05/11/2015 - 20:33

Police in western China detained 11 people after a crowd of angry customers in early May smashed a halal shop suspected of mishandling food prepared according to Islamic custom, state media said.

The draft national security law emphasises the Communist Party's leadership in the area. Photo: Reuters

China offers first glimpse of sweeping national security law

  • Thu, 05/07/2015 - 21:02

Proposal reflects President Xi Jinping's push for broader approach to threats but raises fears of further curbs on freedoms, analysts say

Cleaner energy for Chinese cites comes at expense of remote grasslands

  • Wed, 05/06/2015 - 23:28

On the rolling grasslands of northern China, a gleaming new industrial complex offers a beguiling vision for the nation's leaders. Here, on a sandy plain amid scattered herds of sheep, a flagship plant promises to utilize China's surplus coal while simultaneously delivering cleaner skies over its crowded eastern cities.

USCIRF Issues its 2015 Annual Report

  • Tue, 05/05/2015 - 20:46

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) today released its 2015 Annual Report.

In China, riot breaks out after pork spotted in Halal bakery van

  • Mon, 05/04/2015 - 20:46

A riot at a Halal bakery accused of selling pork products led authorities in the western Chinese city of Xining to promise a full investigation on Sunday in a bid to calm tensions.

Death Sentences and Executions 2014

  • Wed, 04/01/2015 - 21:37

March 31, 2015