People Power Sends a Message To Oppressive Regimes

  • Thu, 04/21/2005 - 12:00

The resurgence of people power in the sequence of "colored revolutions" in the post-Soviet states has brought unprecedented hope to the more than 10 million strong Uighur population of East Turkistan.

Commentary: Uighur's Release Is a Victory Over Tyranny

  • Thu, 03/24/2005 - 11:00

Regardless of Beijing's motives for her release, the liberation of prominent Uighur political prisoner Rebiya Kadeer is a victory for freedom over tyranny.

China Frees Rebiya Kadeer

  • Thu, 03/17/2005 - 11:00

Uyghur businesswoman Rebiya Kadeer, freed from a Chinese jail in an apparent deal with Washington, arrived here from Beijing late Thursday, rejoicing at her unexpected release and vowing to work "for the entire Uyghur nation."

The Big Babble

  • Mon, 03/14/2005 - 11:00

To find New York's Uighur speakers (there are 535 according to the survey) I spoke to Gulametta Pahta, a 72-year-old Uighur campaigner who lives on Long Island and he gave me directions to a restaurant.

Treat China With Caution

  • Thu, 03/10/2005 - 11:00

Alim A Seytoff, General secretary of the Uyghur American Association
speaks about China's Future Ambition on Asia Times.

Telling a Thousand-Year Story

  • Tue, 01/18/2005 - 11:00

With all eyes on Turkey's efforts to join the European Union, now would seem an ideal time for London's Royal Academy of Arts to stage what is probably the world's greatest ever exhibition of Turk art and culture.

PBS Interview With Serene Fang: Secret Meetings and an Unexpected Arrest

  • Thu, 01/13/2005 - 11:00

FRONTLINE/World reporter Serene Fang found herself covering the arrest of a Uighur citizen when she traveled to the remote northwest Xinjiang province in China.

China's Muslim Uyghurs See Sharp Rise in AIDS Infections

  • Tue, 11/30/2004 - 11:00

The northwestern Muslim region of Xinjiang has become a hot spot for the spread of HIV/AIDS in China, second only to Yunnan Province near the infamous Golden Triangle drug-producing region, RFA's Uyghur service reports.

Centuries-old Ties That Bind China's Muslims

  • Mon, 11/29/2004 - 11:00

Spilling out into the courtyard of Beijing's 1000-year-old Niujie Mosque prior to Ramadan, the audience of more than 400 Chinese Muslims sat in silence.

A World Apart on China's Silk Road

  • Sun, 11/21/2004 - 11:00

The pounding drums drew me into the alley. Stepping off the main street, I saw an old man with a thick beard and a white skullcap sitting in front of a shop, banging an insistent, Arab-sounding rhythm on a hand drum. Next to him, a younger man with thin stubble kept up a keening wail, like a snake charmer, on a tiny flute.