Oslo Freedom Forum: Arne Liljedahl Lynngård
  • Sat, 07/18/2009 - 12:00

Human Rights Foundation

NEW YORK (July 17, 2009)— The Oslo Freedom Forum brought together some of the world’s leading minds to honor heroic survivors of political oppression and persecution this May 18-20 in Norway. The conference showcased the testimonies and noble purpose of these men and women who risked their lives for freedom.

Arne Liljedahl Lynngård, Chairman of Norway’s Rafto Foundation:
“Today there is a cultural genocide going on Xinjiang. The old tone of the historic city of Kashkar is being demolished. I therefore call on every government in the free world, also the Norwegian government, to receive Mrs. Rebiya Kadeer on a political level and listen to her story. It is time for the world to speak out for the Uyghurs.”

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