Uyghur Political Prisoners

This section provides an overview on cases of Uyghur political prisoners that are known to the public. However, the real number is likely to be much higher, but due to the restrictions imposed by the Chinese authorities to reveal details on imprisoned Uyghurs, it is impossible to determine the exact number.

Note: Please note that the section is not yet finished and that we are currently working on it. [November 2011]
Jailed Uyghur Writer, Journalist and Webmaster

  1. Abdulghani Memetemin (9 years in prison)
  2. Dilshat Perhat (5 years in prison)
  3. Gheyret Niyaz (15 years in prison)
  4. Gulmira Imin (life imprisonment) and another four Uyghur website moderators
  5. Mehbube Ablesh (3 years in prison)
  6. Memetjan Abdulla (life imprisonment)
  7. Memet Turghun Abdulla (unknown)
  8. Nijat Azat (10 years in prison)
  9. Nureli Obul (3 years in prison)
  10. Nurmuhemmet Yasin (10 years in prison)
  11. Tursunjan Hezim (7 years in prison)
  12. Other Uyghur Website Staff Detained after 5 July 2009

Charges Related to Freedom of Speech

  1. Ababekri Ömer (6 years in prison)
  2. Abduhelil Zunun (20 years in prison)
  3. Abdulla Jamal (unknown)
  4. Abdughani Imin and Obulkasim Abliz (13 and 15 years in prison)
  5. Abdukerim Mettersun (unknown)
  6. Ablikim Abdureyim (9 years in prison)
  7. Alim Abdureyim (7 years in prison)
  8. Ekberjan Jamal (10 years in prison)
  9. Halmurat Imin (unknown)
  10. Isa Husen (12 years in prison)
  11. Mamatali Ahat (8 years in prison)
  12. Nurhahmat Yusup (20 years in prison)
  13. Tursunjan Hesen (unknown)

Charges Related to Freedom of Association

  1. Abdukadir Mahsum (15 years in prison)
  2. Miradil Yasin and Mutellip Teyip (unknown)
  3. Musha Yushan (unknown)
  4. Omer Akchi (life imprisonment)
  5. Patigul and Mahmut Sabir (unknown)

Religious Charges

  1. Adil Qarim (life imprisonment)
  2. Akemanjiang (unknown)
  3. Ali Ablat (10 years in prison)
  4. Ghojaexmet Niyaz (6 years in prison)
  5. Imam Sulayman (2 years in prison)
  6. Memet Réhim and Memet Sidiq (unknown)
  7. Merdan Seyitakhun, Qurbanjan Abdusemet and another 10 Uyghur Men (various)
  8. Nurtay Memet (5 years in prison)
  9. Perhatjan (unknown)
  10. Qahar Mensur and Muhemmed Tursun (3 years in prison)
  11. Yusufjan and Memetjan (unknown)

Unknown Charges

  1. Ehsan Ismail (life imprisonment)

Reeducation Through Labour (RTL)

  1. Sirajidin Eziz, Nurabla Nurmemet, Abla Ablikim, Eli Hapiz, Ahmet Osman, Ablet Abdurehim, and Omer Salih (16-24 months)

Death in Detention

  1. Noor-Ul-Islam Sherbaz (life imprisonment; died in Nov. 2011 following allegations of abuse and torture)