China’s Brutal ‘Boarding Schools’

  • Mon, 03/18/2019 - 22:11

Beijing’s indoctrination centers for Muslim Uighurs are stark violations of human rights.

Bahram Sintash with his father, Qurban Mamut, in Washington, D.C., in February 2017.

China is trying to destroy Uighur culture. We’re trying to save it

  • Mon, 03/18/2019 - 22:09

After my father, Qurban Mamut, was taken by Chinese authorities to an indoctrination camp about a year ago, I remember thinking with deep sadness of his words to me as a child: “You were born during a very good time.”

The Guardian view on Xinjiang’s detention camps: not just China’s shame

  • Mon, 03/18/2019 - 22:08

Vast numbers of Uighurs and other Muslim minorities are being held in detention. The world must speak out

China has put 1 million Muslims in concentration camps. MBS had nothing to say

  • Mon, 02/25/2019 - 19:24

China is a leading oppressor of Muslims, so it should come as no surprise that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia — the kingdom that views itself as defender of the Islamic faith — would visit Beijing to deliver a stern rebuke.

The World Must Save the Uyghurs

  • Fri, 02/15/2019 - 18:24

Long-standing repression of the Uyghur culture has reached stunning new lows. What happened to “Never again”?

In this Dec. 7, 2018, relatives of people missing in China's far western region of Xinjiang hold up photos at an office of a Chinese Kazakh advocacy organization in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Dake Kang/AP

Opinion: The Strange Silence Over China's Muslim Crackdown

  • Mon, 01/14/2019 - 00:00

President Trump says trade talks between the United States and China have been, "going very well." The United States put $250 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese goods last year, to counter what it considers unfair trade practices and theft of U.S. technology.

Rushan Abbas of Herndon, Va., holds a photo of her sister, Gulshan Abbas, who is among the many Uighurs detained in China. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

Washington Post: The Gulag in Xinjiang: China's 'vocational training' amounts to a cultural extermination of the Uyghurs

  • Tue, 01/08/2019 - 19:32

IN AN attempt to defend the gulag in which it has imprisoned hundreds of thousands of Uighurs and other Muslims in the Xinjiang region, China has tried to rebrand concentration camps as centers for “vocational training.”

Vocational Training With Chinese Characteristics

  • Wed, 11/28/2018 - 20:45

During his visit to Beijing in mid-November, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas publicly discussed the situation in China’s northwestern province of Xinjiang.

An image from undated video footage of Muslims reading from official Chinese language textbooks at a training center in Hotan, in Xinjiang. The Chinese authorities recently acknowledged the existence of a vast network of indoctrination camps.CreditCreditCCTV, via Associated Press Video, via Associated Press

China Locks Up Ethnic Minorities in Camps. It Says So Itself

  • Thu, 10/25/2018 - 00:00

“Citizens, please remain calm and relax, no one in the re-education camps will starve, be left in the cold, be punished or be forced to work.” With these words, an official from China’s Communist Youth League tried to reassure relatives and friends of members of predominantly Muslim ethnic minorities who had been taken to internment centers.

In an image taken from video, young Uighurs read from official Chinese-language textbooks in classrooms at a training center in Xinjiang in northwest China. (CCTV)

China must dismantle its grotesque network of brainwashing factories

  • Mon, 10/22/2018 - 20:32

CHINA HAS undertaken a new public relations campaign to whitewash its sweeping attempt to detain and brainwash hundreds of thousands of Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang province in the country’s northwest.