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Fight for East Turkestan

  • Mon, 10/11/1999 - 12:00

In the far western Chinese territory of Xinjiang, the Uighur people have waged a decades-long struggle to establish a republic of East Turkestan. In order to gain a first-hand understanding of the independence movement, this newspaper sent a long-time observer of the ethnic liberation movements in China, New York-based writer Cao Chang-qing to the group's headquarters in Turkey. This week, we present his reports in a seven-part series, simultaneously with the Liberty Times.

The Uygur Factor

  • Sat, 05/16/1998 - 12:00

India may be upset that a country which sells the most arms, has conducted over a thousand nuclear tests and which is the only country to actually use nuclear arms against another nation, is trying to punish it.

The Anti-Separtism Struggle and its Historical Lessons Since the Liberation of Xinjiang

  • Mon, 08/16/1993 - 12:00

This is an internal (Neibu ziliao) material, which means it is only for the inside circle of Chinese Communists. It was published in 1994 as a chapter of a book written by a government sponsored research group. The title of the book:" Pan-Turkism & Pan-Islamism Study".
Chief editor of the book: Yang faren
Assistant editor: Li Ze, Dong Sheng.