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The Disappearance of Rahile Dawut

  • Fri, 11/02/2018 - 21:42

A vanished professor, remembered by students and colleagues – Darren Byler

UN Human Rights Council must demand answers from China over Xinjiang mass internment camps

  • Fri, 11/02/2018 - 21:40

China’s human rights record to come under scrutiny by UN Human Rights Council

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology assistant professor of China Studies Timothy Grose (L) and Xinjiang University professor Rahile Dawut (R) in an undated photo.   Photo courtesy of Timothy Grose

Academic Freedom Watchdog Demands China Unconditionally Release Prominent Uyghur Scholar

  • Fri, 11/02/2018 - 17:15

Rahile Dawut went missing in December and is believed held in a political ‘re-education camp.’

Mihrigul Tursun speaks to RFA during an interview in Virginia, Oct. 11, 2018. RFA

Interview: ‘I Did Not Believe I Would Leave Prison in China Alive’

  • Fri, 11/02/2018 - 17:09

A Uyghur mother details how multiple detentions at the hands of Xinjiang authorities affected her family.

Uyghur Children Kidnapped by the State, Put in Xinjiang’s State-Run ‘Orphanages’

  • Fri, 11/02/2018 - 17:08

Uyghur children of parents who are detainees in “political re-education” camps or living in exile are being placed into state-run “orphanages” in Xinjiang by local authorities, a traumatized father has told The Epoch Times.

China Rapidly Expands Detention Camps in Xinjiang Despite Criticism

  • Fri, 11/02/2018 - 17:07

Satellite imagery shows footprint of 28 internment centers has increased significantly since 2016, report finds

War on the Uighurs

  • Thu, 11/01/2018 - 00:00

An unfolding crisis in Xinjiang – Louisa Lim

ChinaFile Presents: The Situation in Xinjiang

  • Tue, 10/30/2018 - 20:23

Historian Rian Thum and journalists Gulchehra Hoja of Radio Free Asia and James Palmer of Foreign Policy discuss the present human rights crisis in China's far-western Xinjiang region. The conversation was moderated by Jessica Batke, senior editor of ChinaFile.

Oppression of Uyghurs in China Only ‘Gives Rise to Hatred,’ Say Their Families in Japan

  • Tue, 10/30/2018 - 20:21

American human rights activists recently criticized the forced detention of over a million people in re-education camps in the Uyghur Autonomous Region in Xinjiang, China. Uyghurs living in Japan also worry about the safety of their families back home.

Rebiya Kadeer (center), former head of the World Uyghur Congress, shouts slogans with others holding Uyghur flags during a protest in Brussels, Monday, Oct. 1, 2018.

PART III: Interview: ‘We tell them that they would be banned from seeing their family again.’

  • Tue, 10/30/2018 - 20:19

A police officer recounts his work as a guard at a Xinjiang "political re-education camp."